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Trichloro Isocyanuric Acid
  • Mark & model:

    vPowder Granules: 8-30mesh ,20-60mesh

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  • Submit date:

    2015-12-31 10:29:34

  • H.S.Classification:

    Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals Inorganic Chemicals 2827 Chlorides, chloride oxides and chloride hydroxides; bromides etc.; iodides etc.

Products details

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Formula(分子式): C3O3N3CL3

Molecular Weight(分子量): 232.41

Risk Class(危险品等级): 5.1

Available Chlorine(有效氯):≥90%
PH Value(PH值):2.7-3.3
Solubility /溶解度(25 ℃):1.2g/100g water

Granula(颗粒): 8-30mesh(目), 20-60mesh(目), powder(粉末)
Tablet specification(片剂规格):
1g-5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 30g, 200g (or be decided by the client /可根据客户定做)

Plastic drum:1kg,2kg,5kg,10kg,20kg,25kg, 50kg
Plastic woven bag: 25kg,1000kg
Fiber drum: 25kg,50kg(or be decided by the client )


1. This product can be used in sterilization of swimming pool water and drinking water, algae removing of industrial circulating water.
2. It can be used in disinfection of tablewares, houses, hotels, hospitals and public places. It also can be used in environment disinfection of feeding fish, silkworm, livestock and poultry.
3. Moreover, it can be used in cleansing and bleaching of textile, shrinkage resistance of wool, plant insect resistance and rubber chlorination, etc.

1. This product has irritant smell and oxidized blanching function. Don’t mix it
with lipidic materials or acid substances.
2. Keep it away from fire and combustible materials.
3. Please store it in dry and ventilated place .
4. Keep out of reach of children .